A Breakfast Wedding

beautiful breakfast wedding

A Breakfast Wedding


It may seem odd to think of a wedding at breakfast time. But, when we were asked to do our first breakfast wedding this summer the reasons behind the time of day selection made perfect sense. The bride was an early riser. She loved a fresh start of a good night’s rest. She had found peace that throughout her life in the quiet of early morning.  She and her fiancée were athletic and liked to exercise in the morning. So did her friends. All that seemed straight forward. The pleasant surprise was what became clear in planning for and during the wedding itself.

A breakfast wedding has a number of pluses to recommend it. Most involve the activities that guests, especially parents with younger children, can share. This article, however, will deal mostly with the great menu benefits of a breakfast wedding.


What makes a breakfast wedding menu so special? Call it brunch or breakfast, a whole new world of menu options opens up with this special themed wedding.  If you want something different and memorable, make your menu the focal point and see where it takes you. You’ll be surprised at the choices you’ll be able to offer your guests – no more chicken or beef but a stunning selection of choices that will make mouths water.


What could be more fun than allowing your guests to fill a delicious crepe with their favorite filling? You can stick with a seasonal theme (peaches in the late summer) or with a seafood or dessert filling theme. Baby shrimp, calamari and a seafood medley are light and tasty options that would suit a late morning or lunch menu. For a sweeter taste, go for strawberry or blueberry fillings with fresh whipped cream. Be sure to provide real maple syrup and other toppings like sugar or shaved chocolate for that extra bit of flavor.


Waffles are a treat at any time, but this delicious breakfast item is especially suitable for a morning or lunch menu. The same fillings you use for your crepes become toppings for a Belgian waffle – allowing your guests to double up on their favorite fruit and maple syrup. Pancakes (silver dollar, blueberry, banana and others) will fit in with your theme and allow guests to add this old favorite to their plate.


Guests should have a choice of their favorite early morning staples – bacon, sausage, even a small steak portion for the heartier eaters. Mix it up with a spicy sausage or barbecued beef – ham slices or pea meal bacon are a nice alternative.


Here’s your opportunity to showcase a selection of baked goods that you couldn’t have at an evening meal. Use this opportunity to make your portions look bounteous – pastries are a natural for display in large baskets, bowls and on large platters. The list of suitable pastries is endless – you could narrow your selection down to a theme ingredient (chocolate croissants, chocolate muffins, chocolate éclairs) or go with a fruit theme (everything peach or blueberry). Add an extra zap with an assortment of fresh preserves and butter.


Since your breakfast wedding menu contains a lot of sweet items, what’s left for dessert?  Try to pick some savory items so that you don’t overload your guests’ palates with too much sugar. You could put a small cheese and foccacia bread assortment on each guest table or a buffet with cheeses, tart fruits (apple and pear slices) and mini sausage rolls. Go for rosemary breads and baguettes as well as unsalted butter.


Have hot coffee and tea available as soon as guests arrive, as well as ice water and juices. You can spice up the coffee selection later at your bar, with Irish and Spanish coffees, lattes and espresso. Have a range of teas to choose from at the bar and don’t forget the decaf tea and coffee.


Morning and lunchtime weddings aren’t really the place for the kind of bar you would have at an evening meal. Substitute sparkling wine and mimosas (champagne and orange juice) for hard liquor and beer. White, red and rose wines will be popular after the meal. Make blender drinks or smoothies at the bar for something a little different – non-alcoholic margueritas are always a hit. Make sure you have Bailey’s and other liqueurs to add to hot coffee and tea.

A breakfast or late morning wedding is the perfect opportunity to highlight delicious foods and beverages that normally wouldn’t be served at a wedding. Take the chance to show your guests how creative and innovative you can be, all the while allowing them to customize their fare and take home the memory of a special and unique day.













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